Chibi As Base Model

I use chibi as base model because its first model i learn in 3D (like carving a skull model in Tampaksiring carving tradition), its easy to modify and combined with traditional design.

In Development

One day, I might add additional functionality to my NFT, suppose the first buyer of a new NFT will get a real sculpture carved by me. (See Baliorganicarts on social media for examples of my artwork).


Besides the traditional design, there are so many of my design inspired by popular topic on social media in Indonesia, that why there are traditional design mixed with some weird stuff like political figure, film or game.


Some pictures about me and my work.


Please contact me via WhatsApp. You can also ask via social media, sometimes your questions will be answered by my friends because my friends also use my social media to sell their crafts.


NFT main blockchain is polygon (supply per item depend of type or rarity, between 1 - 5) and one day it will be available on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana network (1 item in each network excluding those in the polygon network).